Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mass Collaboration

Mass collaboration could be the key to solve several social problems that are inundating our lives. Through collaboration we could solve issues in communities, companies, governments; or our shared crisis on global warming. Mass collaboration sounds like the perfect solution to any social issue.

Nevertheless, to make mass collaboration effective it depends on how it is structured and organized. Undoubtedly team work is part of it, but it is not only about “tipping in” to solve a problem or create something. Mass collaboration is about commitment and expertise; and it is successful if it is used correctly.

To put this into a smaller context, we could think about education. As teachers, we have the opportunity to prepare our students; how? We can start in a smaller scale – our classrooms. Learning about mass collaboration is the best instrument we can give our students to face world issues. For that reason, we can use classrooms as scenarios to give students the chance to develop skills, trust their instincts and use their knowledge.

Although mass collaboration has always existed, I think the key is collaborating for the greater good. So, the question "are we preparing students for a world of mass collaboration?" should not only be directed to teachers; it goes to all of us- to a society who needs to work together.


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