Thursday, December 10, 2009


The unit I am designing includes the use of technology in the summative assessment.My grade 8 students will be creating digital storybooks for children using voicethread and sharing those with the ES students in our school and other audiences in the web.

The idea is to give a chance to my 8th grade students "teach" the young ones through a book. They will be focusing on the "pillars" taught in ES/MS and presenting the concept to ES students through a story.

The unit offers the students the opportunity to use the target language to interact and come up with an idea, to read in the target language and look through examples, and to write and make their story age and language appropriate. They will also practice presentational language to make sure their story impacts their audience in the most efficient way.

The highlight of this project is the sharing. A few years ago, my students (in a different school and country) did something similar. We shared the books face to face in a classroom setting with the younger students. Nevertheless, I look forward the interactive part of this "new" version where the audience is able to interact and comment through voicethread. We will attempt to share with students from other schools and post the projects on our blogs to share with the world. A greater audience will allow my students to continue to share, practice and improve their language skills with others.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I too believe that the highlight for many is when we share our project with others. Whether they are posted in the hallways of our schools or on the Internet. Sharing gives our products a different meaning, a different purpose.