Sunday, September 13, 2009

Technology in a language class

As I am taking the courses in our program and applying technology in my class, I have to admit it has brought the best and worst out of me. Applying technology in education does not only require an extensive amount of time to search the right tool and then implement it; but it also demands flexibility when it does not work and you need a "plan B."

On the other hand; when technology works smoothly it highlights learning and offers variety; it brings originality and ownership to students. It has allowed my students the option to show what they can do with language - with tools that make sense to them.

Skype, chat rooms, audacity, voicethread, Google Earth are some tools that have great value in a language class. We have had virtual tours, chatted in Spanish, collaborated with other teachers and students in different countries! These tools have transported my teaching outside the classroom in a valuable way giving my students an opportunity to experience real Spanish despite being in Asia.



  1. Great use of the tools! Keep it up and keep sharing on how technology is transforming learning for your students. No longer is being in Asia an excuse to not being able to have true authentic langer speakers to learn from.

  2. Congratulations Gaby! For being flexible, willing to try new things, and understanding that having a Plan B is not always a bad thing! Although I know it can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, I always appreciate your energy and your passion for pushing both your learning and the learning of your students to the next level.