Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time to share

To share how I have implemented technology in my Middle School Spanish classes; I would like to share one of my class blogs. Here, you will be able to find examples of various projects; some as formative or summative assessments; you can read my blog and see examples of student work by going directly to their blogs on the right.

My class blog has two purposes; one is communication with parents and students about what goes on in class. It is also the attempt of starting of a digital portfolio for my students. If my students continue to study Spanish throughout high school;here or in a different school, looking back their blogs will show evidence of their language progress.They can reflect by looking at what they have written or created. They can have access to their blogs all the time and maybe use it as a tool for college application in the future.

Taking into consideration a generation which is immersed and connected digitally; digital tools can enhance their language learning and their needs. As a teacher I enjoy using technology as a tool to open opportunities for them to use the language in real contexts; I try to keep a balance of the face to face experience and the online experience.

For example; my Spanish A students had the opportunity to interview Spanish speakers. They used unrehearsed language and chatted in a real context face to face with someone. Then, a few of my Spanish B students were part of a live on-line radio interview; having the world as an audience. Both - great language learning experiences!

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  1. Your blogs are looking great Gaby! I love that you're posting videos and pictures of what students are doing in class (and I'm sure parents love it too!)