Sunday, November 29, 2009

Learning Technology and Information Literacy...

Learning technology and information literacy is a collaborative effort. It is a shared responsibility to teach it effectively. It needs to be integrated and articulated effectively within all subjects curricula and across grade levels. As we do with any other skill, it needs to be taught accordingly to students' needs and assessed effectively to ensure that students are learning. This responsibility can not lay on one department.

Teachers need the time to learn and feel comfortable with new tools. Change takes time, but if teachers experience that technology could be used in a meaningful way to enhance learning and teaching; then they will feel it is worth to put the time and effort to apply it. It is only by experimenting with these tools that motivates teachers to learn more and integrate it into their lessons.

Technology is part of everyone's lives now. It is a powerful means of expression and communication. Students and teachers learn about it daily; the challenge is not only to learn about the tools, but to use them effectively in our teaching. It requires time, support and as any other content in an effective curriculum; constant revision.

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  1. I much like the curriculum we teach needs to be in a state of constant revision. Yet many people hide behind the fact that technology "moves to fast" it does move fast, but if you believe in living in a state of constant revision, then you can keep up. It's when you we say "OK, finished!" that we get into trouble.