Sunday, November 29, 2009

NETS to be a good educator?

The NETS for teachers and administrators describe great teaching principles; but the only addition to these guidelines is the word "digital tools/age." If you read the document without the technological element; you still have great teaching described.

Good teaching may occur regardless of the technology. It has to be understood that the digital piece is a tool which enhances teaching and learning; but it is not solely what makes great educators. As educators, regardless of technology, we attempt daily to "facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity." Yes, we can improve our teaching by going beyond paper and pencil, but it is not what makes us good educators. The same idea applies with the administrative description; I hope as a teacher to work with an administrator who has "visionary leadership" despite the digital tools!

I reflect about my own experience as a student in an international school; where 20 years ago technology was not greatly integrated in classrooms. I remember and admire several of my teachers who enhanced their teaching in other ways. Now, as a teacher myself, I have learned to use and give credit to the digital tools which have improved my teaching (and plan to continue to use them!); but I don't think that is the only tool that makes a good educator.

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