Friday, November 6, 2009

Teaching NETS and AASL

The NETS and AASL share common philosophies; they are part of a whole. These can not stand in isolation because they should be a key element of a whole curriculum. Teaching these is a shared responsibility. Teachers; regardless of the grade level or subject area must give learners the means and tools to be able to show their knowledge and to make learning more meaningful. This shared responsibility should not limit to the classroom; ideally parents should be familiarized with them as well to support better their children at home.
If these standards are part of our curricula; then the real challenge is to assure that they are being taught in the most effective way.
These last couple of years; I have been lucky to have tech support in my class. It has been a taste of what these tools could do to enhance language learning; it proves that it is not one department's or grade level's responsibility; but they should be taught in collaboration.

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