Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A digital story to share...

One of my favorite tech tools to use in my language class is voicethread. It is not only easy and manageable but it allows great interaction in different ways.

Last year, I created a project for my Spanish students in which they had to choose images which describe them best; their interests; their nationality; family…any information about themselves (but no pictures of themselves) They made a recording, in Spanish, to explain why they chose that particular photo and what it tells about them. The final product was a slide show of photos with the students’ voice explaining who they are.

This project did not look for one particular grammar point, or vocabulary; it attempted to have students use Spanish as a whole. The goal was to interact with other learners via a digital tool; using powerful pictures to show who they are.

The students did not only interact with other students and teachers in our school; but with students at an international school in Taipei...all in Spanish!

This is what I created to show my students how to use voicethread...

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