Saturday, October 31, 2009


As a final project I have designed a unit which gives students the chance to use presentational language through the use of a technological tool.

The task is for students to use the target language to research and read about a topic which impacts teenage life; for example drug use, alcohol, consumerism, and so forth. One of the goals of this project is to connect the themes the students study in their other classes; humanities, health, science... To make sure they can handle the language I will previously make a selection on articles and material on several of these topics.

Using movie maker; students need to enhance the most important information they have learned about the topic. Then include a section in their presentation with a strong message of "do's and dont's." The idea is to impact the audience as much as possible with facts about the information and suggestions on solutions. This project will integrate specific grammar and vocabulary points covered in the unit.

Some students will need to learn about the tool. Fortunately, several students are familiarized with movie maker already; so the idea is to have the experienced students help and guide the students who are learning how to use this tool.

This project will allow students to improve their language skills through the use of Spanish in a broader context. The prior knowledge they will have by connecting the topics from other classes' curricula will support what they do in my class.

Once the videos are ready; the plan is to post them in their blogs to reach a broader audience and be able to interact with other language learners around the world.

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Can't wait to see and her your reflections on the project.