Friday, October 23, 2009

Videos in the language class

Videos can be rich language and cultural resources in a language class. The web now offers a great variety of videos; you can pretty much find anything you need! These are some ideas on how videos can help enhance learning.

Videos and music/literature: This is probably the most popular way of video use. Using a song which goes hand in hand with a lesson, vocabulary or theme. It is not only the music, but the images and lyrics with it - all in one- it provides students with one of the tools they enjoy the most. The same applies for poetry; with images,and sound.

Videos and culture: I have found great videos to introduce cultural aspects of South American culture; from celebrations such as the Day of the Dead; to the typical Quinceaniera, to South American dances...

Videos in class and assessment: Students can create videos easily to show their understanding. It is also a common tool for assessment; several placement tests recommend video taping students to see their language growth. It is a great way to record language growth.

Videos allow to play and replay to practice different language skills. Students can create and work with these independently.

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