Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reflection: Language Exchange-Intercambio Lingüístico

As I have started my digital learning journey these last couples of weeks I find myself motivated and intrigued to learn about the best ways to make digital tools fit language learning in a meaningful way

I have to admit I look forward to some of the projects and connections I have made these last weeks. My students will be connecting with students from other schools who are learning Spanish through voicethread, and listening/speaking to other Spanish speakers using Skype…and yes, those connections are valuable!

An important piece is collaboration. Working as a team with James and Carole brought up significant conversations about language learning and teaching. Sharing experiences, knowledge and teaching philosophies enhances the application of digital tools. By combining ideas and suggestions we prioritized real language use, but at the same time integrated tools which will help our students be learners of the 21st century. It is productive for us as teachers and will be valuable for our students.

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  1. As I shared on Carole's blog:

    So glad the three of you joined together to create a group! I love that you're teaching different levels and different languages, yet you all found common themes - this definitely demonstrates that you are looking at the enduring understandings, the ideas that go beyond the classroom and school experience. Looking forward to seeing your students finished work!