Monday, February 23, 2009

Reflection on an activity- a mere coincidence?

After reading a section from “Reinventing Project-Based Learning” I thought of an activity my language classes are working on this week. The article talks about “Essential Learning Functions; Ubiquity: learning inside and outside the classroom, and all the time.” The idea is to give students the chance of using a tool to learn whenever they want and wherever they want.

I have to say I created this activity to help my students listen to Spanish outside the class; as in this side of the world they are only exposed to Spanish during my 55 minute period.The students have been listening to audio files I created in audacity regarding the Chinese New Year. They had to listen to the horoscope and answer questions; which we will later discuss in class. After the struggle of not being able to hear the file, nor open the instructions; it all worked smoothly in class and their homes (they are able to acces the files from their home computers).

Now why did this call my attention?
Today one of my students came in and ran the show; he showed the class how he had downloaded the files to his phone. He shared he had been listening to the files and repeating them over and over again. The best part, he attempted to explain this in Spanish!

My lesson went a step further; thanks to one of my students, I learned something new and my students have audio files they can carry with them at all times…
Interesting tool…

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