Monday, February 9, 2009

Today I learned how to Google better

Bonsai cats; I found it on the internet!

Chris Betcher’s talk was practical and useful. It reminded me of our responsibility, as teachers and students, for finding out which information is reliable or not on the internet, questioning sources and researching beyond. Betcher’s tips (authority-currency-content/purpose-audience-structure/workability)are valuable and necessary to integrate in our classrooms regularly. We need to teach our children to be responsible users of technology and guide them to use their best judgment.

Googling effectively is necessary in all classes; whether you are teaching students to research in a humanities class or look up a new word in a dictionary in a language class. Not too long ago I remember reading in a student’s paper: “Yo mosca a Estados Unidos.” Running off to the first translator or dictionary you find on line; won’t necessarily give you the right answer...

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  1. I'm glad you found both of the guest speakers worth your time. They are to great teachers who are doing things right by empowering their students.