Sunday, February 1, 2009


This is definitely my question…
As a foreign language teacher, I envision a classroom where students use the language in context, interact with both the teacher and their classmates, and comfortably take risks. I constantly attempt to create opportunities for my students to use Spanish in class as they learn about it. It becomes a challenge as I am the only fluent speaker in the class and I only see my students four times a week. So I wonder if technology is part of the solution to make my students connect to other native speakers around the world and other students who are also going through the experience of learning a new language.
I have had some positive experiences with the implementation of technology in my Spanish class. Some tools like Youtube or Audacity have enhanced my teaching; but I would like to learn what else is out there…
What I hope to get from this course are some insights on how technology can help me best teach a foreign language. I want to create a positive link between technology, curriculum, and my teaching. I want to give my students an opportunity to connect to Spanish speakers and other language learners around the world; then “being on the other side of the world” will be relative…


  1. Gaby, your concerns are so valid. Language learning is so valuable when it is face to face, interacting with academic language on a social level. There is a great resource to record students talking called Voicethread (, and that has been a great classroom tool for us to practice our language development. Suerte!

  2. Very interesting insights Gaby!!